Creating an entertaining experience for your guests is our passion

We believe that celebrations matter and that shared memories bring us together in community.We believe in innovation in our food and event design.We believe that every event deserves our best work.We believe in being responsive, and that our clients should have our full attention.We believe in having fun, however, we take your fun seriously.We believe in the passion that exudes from our chefs.We believe in creativity and spontaneity, but we also love an exacting plan of action.We believe in collaboration. We work hand in hand with our event partners to create something beautiful where there was nothing before.We believe in the stewardship of what has generously been given us.We believe in sustainable practices. We believe you don't need to wait until it's your birthday to eat cake.

Love of craft

Love of hospitality

Love of community

A passion for the creation of delicious foods, the care of the best guest experience and support of the common good are the cornerstones of the dedication to excellence that is Festivities.

Food Selections


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"There was an added specialness to this event...

...because it was so enjoyable to work hand and hand with you on what was perhaps the most emotionally powerful event in our lives to date. I honestly don't think the party would have had the same warmth without your guidance and you saved me many times from melt down moments!