What we believe

We believe that celebrations matter and that shared memories are a vital part of life’s connections that bring us together in community.

We believe in being honest with our clients and ourselves. Like a glass slipper, if it won’t fit, it won’t fit. We believe and practice excellence and are willing to go the extra mile to make it just right.

We believe that great design is fun, energetic, surprising and smart. Not all elements of a design are created equally. We believe in the integrity of an event. If its not bringing value to the design or to you… out it goes!

We believe in innovation, in food design or event design…always on the look out to bring design into event concepts. We believe that every event deserves our best work.

We believe in having fun, however, we take your fun seriously.

We believe in being responsive, and that our clients should have our full attention.

We believe in the passion that exudes from our chefs when they create and bring to life a dish that is layered with flavors and color creating something totally delicious.

We believe in creativity and spontaneity, in all its forms but we also love a great, exacting plan of action. When a creative team comes together with one goal – a celebration that honors its hosts, guests and transports all to a different place for a few hours.

We believe in collaboration. We couldn’t do it alone. We work hand in hand with our event partners to create something beautiful where there was nothing before.

We believe in family and in love for all.

We believe in the stewardship of what has generously been given us. We believe in using only the freshest ingredients and using sustainable practices of farming, on land and sea. We believe in the Mediterranean diet (did you know we were Lebanese and love to eat).

We believe in being active citizens. We believe in safe and healthy homes, the basis of all celebrations. And we are willing to do something about it. “Pass on the Love”, our Foundation’s retail store donates 100% of all funds to programs that support safe and healthy homes.

We believe you don’t need to wait until it’s your birthday to eat cake.

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