This is your special day… the one with your name on it!  And what better way to tell your story than to use signage to mark the way to all the wonderful details you have chosen.

Signs provide a creative way to add personality to your party.  They can express your sense of humor, your romantic side, or simply be informative.  Event signs can match your theme, fonts and colors to contribute to the overall unique design and décor of your event- and tell your design story. From balloons to mirrors to rustic touches to frames to blackboards and banners… the choices are many.  Just remember an important design point – tell one story.. pick your style and run with it!

Here are all the essential signs to make your wedding day run smoothly –

Begin with a warm welcome. A “welcome” and an arrow to the bar is a great place to start.  If your event is spread out, an order of events lets your guests know what to look forward to!


No program? No problem!  You might include signage about the high points in your ceremony and have your wedding party sign the sign and just leave a note as to who they are to you. Great way to be eco-friendly with less paper.

Ceremony Seating Signage –  Make your intentions clear- sit where you like or adhere to the more formal seating of bride’s side/ groom’s side.  You can also use them to reserve seating for family members.


Reception Cards – We are not fans of open seating… causes angst among your guests.  A simple table assignment is perfect.  Use your imagination and let the display of the cards be part of your story.

To Plug in Or Unplug – You can politely remind guests to unplug if you would rather not have phones or cameras to distract from the event – OR maybe you have a personalized hashtag you would like your guests to use when posting photos on social media.

Join in the fun!  Signs help people join in on the fun and ensure that your guests won’t miss things you took so long to plan and think about for your wedding.  You can post a sign at the Bar to highlight signature cocktails or other selections. If you have specialty foods/ desserts – don’t leave your guests guessing about what they’re eating.  Any buffet or dessert table can benefit from fun signage about the delicious foods.


Help prevent fun from being overlooked – use a sign to point out the photo booth, guest book, flip-flops for the dance floor, or glow sticks for the sendoff.


Let the world know about your big day… your custom hashtag sign can be at the bar for all to see!

Finally, you can thank your guests for being part of your big day with a favorite quote or use a sign to thank your parents.  Also, don’t forget the sign to tell people to take a party favor as they depart.