Plated Dinners

Composition and color are the mainstays of our plated dinner repertoire. Select from our “Restaurant Style” dining guide as you entertain around the table surrounded by gracious service.

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Classic Festivities

  • Pan Seared French Statler Breast of Chicken, -pinot Grigrio sauce or Bill’s Provencal Sauce
    orzo/wheat germ Milanese & asparagus lemonata
  • Bronzini Roma -prepared picatta style with lemon zest & baby capers with our add touch of finely diced organic Campari tomatoes served with Mediterranean rice pilaf made with chic peas and leek bundled haricots verts

Current Favorites

  • Steak, a la Pizziola -prepared as Bistecca a la Fiorentina char grilled, served sliced topped with a Pizziola sauce made with sautéed shallots, roasted tomatoes and fresh herbs served with roasted red potato crown filled with haricots verts
  • Grilled Salmon in Lemon Brodetto with ancient grains & leek tied bundles of haricots verts & roasted carrot twigs