Festivities at Home- From Our Kitchen Door to your Kitchen Door

Party Fare is now “Festivities at Home”. Our delivered party food service, has always been an important part of our business and has been and continues to be a great way to enjoy Festivities foods.

We are ready to celebrate and open the doors as much as we can!   We are ready with even more advanced protocols ensuring the safety and well-being our team and your guests.

We have expanded our casual entertaining offerings, and we are grateful for your orders, tremendous support, and in particular, the confidence you have in Festivities and our team.

Roe, Bill, and the team at Festivities


A few FAQ:

Order Information: We will continue to make every conceivable allowance as to our previous request of 48 hour advance notice.

For those customers who require Monday deliveries we ask that those orders be placed by the previous Thursday so that inventory can be better managed and the information path clear and timely.

1. You will be receiving proforma invoices from Festivities.  We kindly ask you to review and confirm these orders as soon as possible and within within 24 hours to FestivitiesatHome@Festivitiesevents.com

2. We are continuing to do our best to source all the ingredients that are required to prepare the foods. However, in the advent of the current market fluctuations due to market conditions. Certain substitutions may in fact be necessary. We will do our best to inform you of any changes as quickly as we can.

Thank you from our entire team for your understanding. We look forward to preparing the delicious foods that you count on us for.