1. Go BIG or go small …select a location that is truly reflects the two of you. If you like an intimate setting with a wonderful close knit vibe, select a location that reflects that .. so many options.
  2. Make it easy for your guests – Personalize your wedding by showing your guests consideration – maps, directions, times, and any other information that will make them feel comfortable about where they are going is great when you are a guest. They will be excited to be coming to YOUR wedding, and they will thank you!
  3. Be Inclusive – Your ceremony is certainly all about the two of you. It is also an opportunity to share this special moment with family members in a special way. Recently, the question came up, “we both have two sets of parents. How do we figure this out?” We put our heads together and came up with a plan. Each set of parents would have a cup of a different colored sand. They would come to the ceremony table and pour their sand into a large glass bowl. After the four cups had been emptied into the bowl, the minister placed a candle into the now merged sands. The couple lit the candle symbolizing the support they would have as a new family by all the members of their families… and everybody felt included and special. This was unique to this family and very personal.
  4. Escort Cards – a great way to set a personal tone. Love champagne? How about a little bubbly with a little card attached to the glass?
  5. Don’t forget the bar! Love wine and artisanal cheeses how about a terrific sommelier to share your favorite wines during cocktails,, love beer? How about a seasonal microbrew bar? Feeling sexy and sophisticated? Offer a signature drink with an incredible garnish.
  6. Personal items: Love your family traditions? Do you have table top linens from your great grandma? Does everyone know that you love toffee? Share your favorites with your friends and family.
  7. Love a grand entrance – or The longest goodbye – whatever makes YOU feel special…and comfortable, do it. or if center stage doesn’t appeal to you, then plan a party where you mingle among your guests and go back with them to the hotel to hang out and all be together. It’s up to you!
  8. Hugs to all – your guests have travelled near and far to be with you on this special day. Personalize your day by getting up close and personal! Hug them ! Let them know how happy you are that they are sharing this wonderful celebration for you. They will remember you….
  9. Color – hot, warm, cool… let color tell your story..
  10. To monogram or not… a touch of monogram is always a great way to remind your guests the reason for the celebration. From moss covered monograms, to chair back ribboned monograms, to cupcakes embedded with sugared monograms, personalizing details are always fun.
  11. Menu – let food tell your story.. foods from the fun places you’ve visited or foods from important moments in your romance, or just your favorites… we recently had a bride who’s focus was pie. She just loved pie! She and her new husband cut into a three tiered “pie” while their guests enjoyed three delicious flavors of “piettes” complete with ice cream!
  12. Take me away! Your exit song is the last song of the night… have fun and let it be all about you.. one recent couple chose James Taylor’s “Mexico” as they were headed to Mexico for their honeymoon. Don’t leave it up to the band or dj to pick your last song.

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