Your wedding day is a collection of moments...

Your wedding is a classic expression of who you are, individually and as a couple.  We consider it a privilege to be part of an occasion that is so unique.

We are a genuine and passionate group of professionals who adore what we do.  We’ve built a reputation of trusted and caring service based on 30 years of experience.  A wedding takes planning and a planner is the best gift to give yourself and your family for a stress free wedding day.  We work with your style, your vision and your budget from start to finish.

Whether you want a Festivities Collections Wedding or a Custom Wedding, we are here to support you. We can pair you with our curated list of vendors, review and manage contracts, set up meetings and visits, help you create a menu, timelines and transportation. Our goal is to collaborate with you on everything you’ve dreamed of while we handle the details to make it happen and ensure everything comes together for a memorable and original wedding day!


Why Festivities?

“Since 1984, Festivities cofounder Rosinne Chlala and her team has wow-ed guests and clients.  She’s known as an outstanding caterer and planner for events and galas, which is why brides and grooms turn to her for their big day.   Everything has to be perfect- with Festivities, it is.  From the big picture, framing the celebration of starting a life together, to the smallest detail, like the spice in the ginger dipping sauce, she infuses her natural love of giving, proving, and showering others in love.  She is a romantic with an unmatched talent for creating spectacular events.  Let the bride and groom love each other: the guests are going to fall in love with Festivities!” - Best of the Gold Coast

Expertise, dedication, warmth and fun!

There are special elements of a wedding dream that really make a bride light up.  It is our role to find out what they are and bring them to life.

Let’s start planning your celebration

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"The entire process was seamless, no matter how big or small the detail was, I knew Roe and her team had it covered."
“My wedding was not only a big deal to me, but also to my entire family and I have to admit, I was a nervous wreck.  But to be honest, all of my worries went away when I met with Roe.  The wedding was incredible and on of the most magical night, not only for me, but for all of our guests.”